Asthmatic Bronchitis

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Weak Respiratory System, the Cause for Asthmatic Bronchitis

When acute bronchitis is not treated properly or necessary steps are not taken on time, it may lead to asthmatic bronchitis or chronic bronchitis.  The functions of the respiratory organs worsen and this creates permanent damage to the respiratory tract.  When the medicines for acute bronchitis are not effective in clearing the air passage clogged with mucus, it leads to asthmatic bronchitis

Though the symptoms such as breathlessness, cough and wheezing are evident in broncitis, the type of bronchitis can only be found through laboratory tests.  Because asthmatic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic bronchitis generate same type of symptoms, it is not easy to identify the exact type of bronchitis.  In order to find out the exact reason for illness, patient’s report on symptoms is usually insufficient.  Physicians rely on laboratory tests and thorough physical examination of the patient to find out the type of disease prior to the treatment. 

Asthmatic bronchitis is an obstructive condition of the respiratory organs of your body.  Normally bronchitis creates irritation and inflammation in the respiratory tract.  The bronchial tubes, mucus membrane other respiratory tissues and organs which enhance breathing become obstructed by the irritants such as chemicals, dust, pollen or get infected with viruses.  Naturally our body defends against all irritants, but when the immunity goes down, the irritants get into the body with ease and cause the pertaining health problem. Regular visits to the doctor should be made to catch a problem early on. So, book an appointment whether you have Aviva health insurance, insurance with another company or none at all.

The function of bronchial tube is to produce mucus, which gives a protective cover to respiratory organs. In addition to that the soft tissues of the respiratory organs, bronchial tubes and mucous membrane are filled with cilia, which are hair like structures that prevent viruses and irritants to enter the lungs.  Even then a long-term exposure to irritants enables viruses and airborne particles to enter the organs easily and cause infection and inflammation.  This situation forces the bronchial tube to produce excess mucus.   

The major cause for the asthmatic bronchitis is the external agents rather than bacteria or viruses.  Hyperactivity of the respiratory tract, weak immune system and serious childhood respiratory problems are the factors that facilitate the improvement of asthmatic bronchitis.  The common signs are coughing, difficulty in breathing, inconvenience in the chest portion while breathing and wheezing.   

Breathing becomes very difficult in some cases, so immediate medical attention is required to remove the obstruction in the respiratory tract.  Intake of medicines can improve the condition of the health by fighting against the bacteria.  Patients can be given steroids and medicines for inhalation to get instant relief.  The medicines are useful in removing the congestion from the airways clogged with mucus. 
As the external irritants aggravate the situation, it is better to be away from them.  In a few cases, the patients require hospitalization and medical monitoring is inevitable till the symptoms are ameliorated. 

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  1. Oh I hate coughs! my sister was hospitalize because of asthma, I was even had a loans for this reason. You had a very informative post!

  2. My good friend has just been diagnosed with asthma and as such has pushed him to give up you think that smoking enhances the risk to get asthma?

  3. LOTS of misinformation here.

    Watch your kids as COUGHING is very frequently the ONLY sign of first sign of asthma. Every little cough or cold should not set you into panic, but if your child seems to get coughs more frequently than others or if they seem to last longer, mention it to the DR. If there is a WHEEZE, no matter how slight, mention that for sure. If in doubt , make an appt, with a pulmonologist.

    Yes smoking exacerbates ALL respitaory illnes, and some people are ‘ cured’ if not made much much better once they stop.

    Hope this helps !

  4. i think so you must consult the doctor as soon as possible. do make it late dear.

  5. My littlest one rarely gets sick, but when she does it’s all respiratory. Last time she was hospitalized for pneumonia. I wonder if it could be mold since they ruled out asthma?

  6. Watch your kids as COUGHING is actual frequently the ONLY assurance of aboriginal assurance of asthma. Every little ahem or algid should not set you into panic, but if your adolescent seems to get coughs added frequently than others or if they assume to aftermost longer, acknowledgment it to the DR. If there is a WHEEZE, no amount how slight, acknowledgment that for sure. If in agnosticism , accomplish an appt, with a pulmonologist.

    Yes smoker exacerbates ALL respitaory illnes, and some bodies are ‘ cured’ if not fabricated abundant abundant bigger already they stop.

    Hope this helps !

  7. It’s bad enough having asthma, but to have bronchitis and asthma at the same time, what a nightmare!

  8. My kids have suffered from Asthma, and we have found there is definitely a high correllation with cold/damp weather and dust. But I have read that there are many causes, guess it’s different for each person.


  9. 2 of my 4 sons have asthma. Their symptoms have always been wheezing and coughing. During severe attacks they would have shortness of breath, but uncontrollable coughing was always their biggest issue!

  10. I am currently suffering from ASTHMATIC BRONCHITIS and it’s awful! Wel,l they just told me that is was it was after pestering my doctor. First it was a respiratory infection but it just kept getting wose and i could NOT breath! They finally did the breathing test, X-ray, and oxygen finger test. I was breathing at 1/4 of what I was supposed to- explains why I felt like I was going to pass out probably and ibhad low oxygen but my lungs sounded clear to her.

    The literal NON-STOP COUGHING, DIZZINESS from coughing so much and no getting enough oxygen, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, WHOLE BODY EXHAUSTION, vomitting from coughing so hard, SORENESS and FRUSTRATION is up to week # three now. I don’t see and end very close unfortunately. I have suffered from this same type if illness in the past but not as bad when I was living in an old house in college that had mold in the basement (we found out later it was being pushed into the apts through the heating system) and doctors just called it bronchitis and it eventually went away then came back a few times. The apt was very dusty as well.

    Two summers ago I was very ill with ths worst migraine I’ve ever had in my life, sinus infection, dizziness, cough, short term memory loss, trouble speaking and walking along with other symptoms. I saw every specialist there was. One doctor diagnosed me with acute vestibular neuritis, which was true, but i later discovered the i had was having a severe allergic reaction to the black mold in the window air conditioner that was in my room. There was a leak in it therefore the water that was collecting in the bottom caused mold to grow rapidly and it was blowing into my room in chunks! I was extremely ill for months.

    My allergies kicked off in college and became serious after the air conditioner issue. I have immunity issues as well as other people, my fiance for instance, did not have to same problem as me and we were living under the same onditikns both times. I have high allergies and sensitives to dust mite and mold and receive allergy shots twice a week for it, take nasal spray and allergy medicine. I need to have carpet free housing, Hepa filters, humidifiers, and dehumidifies as well to make sure the humidity level is at the right % so mold and dust mite can’t reproduce. All of my bedding has to be allergen free, no down comforter (just threw out 🙁 and no feather pillows. Vaccuming and dusting needs to be done with a mask on or someone else has to do it. If I do it without a mask on, I truly suffer.

    So… I was never like this as a child. It seems that I reached a threshold of somesort and now I have these seriouse allergies that lead to environmentl asthma which leads can often lead to asthmatic bronchitis. I have 2 inhalers that the doctor gave me for when I’m having trouble. One with a steroid and a rescue inhaler.



  11. Health is the most important, and understand the condition and prescribe the right medicine, do not be afraid, certainly beat the disease with a doctor!

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