Category: Sinus Infection

  • How to get rid of sinus infection

    Any kind of zinc treatment that you can be medically prescribed to is the kind of treatment you are looking for if you wish to get rid of your sinus infection. Zinc treatments work wonders as far as attacking viral problems are concerned and so anything of the sort will be the first step that you should take to cure yourself of a sinus infection. There are tablets and gel swabs that are available as zinc treatments that you can try out.

  • How to cure a sinus infection

    One of the easiest things that you can do yourself at home to help cure your sinus infection is to inhale steam three to four times a day and this can be done by leaning over some hot water. Also, be sure to keep your body well hydrated so that you never allow your body internally to dry, so keep drinking a lot of hot water and other liquids although you shouldn’t drink anything cold either.

  • Is a sinus infection contagious

    The answer to that would be no, at least not exactly. Although you cannot really catch a sinus infection from another suffering person you can however catch the cold that the other person is suffering from that can be as bad. The problem is that you never actually know but the cold that you catch might eventually lead to a sinus infection although unrelated to the original person who gave you the cold. So it is better that you avoid catching the cold itself.