HaiWatch: The Reliable Path Towards Infection Prevention

Healthcare-Associated Infection has become a menace across many countries around the Globe. Referring to the infections that are contracted by patients at a hospital or any other health care facility, this has become one of the top 10 leading causes of death across the United States. HaiWatch is one of the leading websites that provides a plethora of information in this regard!

Worse is the case of a developing country where the chances of contracting healthcare-associated infection increases by 2-20 times when compared to developed countries. Amidst such threatening scenarios, as consumers of health care, it is important for each and every one of us to proactively understand the nuances of HAI. That could not only help in the prevention of the same but would also help us with quick diagnosis and timely treatment. Go through the short video below to get a heads up on HAI in brief!

HaiWatch offers excellent tips on hand hygiene for infection prevention in depth. And the following video at HaiWatch on the hand hygiene tips is one of the best that is available across the Internet.

HAI awareness tools are expected to be put up at this site very shortly.

Kimberly-Clark health care solutions have proven to be handy in the prevention of HAI! Further the solutions offered by Kimberly-Clark also help in prevention and diagnosis of major problems related to Healthcare-Associated infections! Get to know the latest updates on HAI from www.kimberly-clark.com .

While offering worthwhile information on the types of healthcare associated infections for health care consumers, HaiWatch also helps the healthcare providers in keeping themselves updated with the innovative accessories and equipments that can help in infection prevention.

The information pertaining to Ventilator associated Pneumonia (VAP), Surgical Site Infections(SSIs) and Cross Contamination have all the latest information in this arena. Readers can expect to understand the amount of concern that these induce in depth. Further, the CDC’s action plans and current defense strategy implementations have also been discussed in depth. Reports and documents pertaining to these healthcare associated infections have also been made available here! The statistical data pertaining to HAI have also been made available as site downloads here!

HaiWatch Dog Community for health care professionals further opens up the gateway of communication online! By being a part of this community, health care professionals can expect to emerge as HAI Award winners by being an integral part of the infection reduction programs across the Globe.

With all, HaiWatch is a must see for all those who are interested in preventing, diagnosing and managing health care associated infections!

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  1. This is really good to read. I’m not really good at medical aspects of life but I’ve got to say infection prevention is simply the way to go.


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