Chronic Pharyngitis

The Basics of Chronic Pharyngitis

Chronic Pharyngitis refers to the severe and repetitive inflammation of the pharynx and the tissues surrounding pharynx.


Chronic Pharyngitis can either be caused due to repetitive induction of acute pharyngitis or might be the gradual irritation of the pharynx due to excessive smoking and alcohol abuse. Periodic and frequent harrumphing can cause the irritation of the pharynx. Continuous and over use of voice as in the case of orators and teachers is yet another cause that can induce Chronic Pharyngitis Abnormal belching due to indigestion in stomach is also a rare cause for this disease.

The Consequences

Chronic Pharyngitis can result in the thickening of the passageway and mucous membrane associated with the pharynx. Capillary veins get distended and the surface of the mucous membrane gets constellated with red colored large round particles often referred to as the blown up mucous follicles. The enlarged membrane in turn appears soft and gives the appearance as if they have been laid with ridges.

Symtoms of Chronic Pharyngtic

Stuffiness is felt in the upper part of the throat is visible.
Harrumphing tendency is yet another common symptom of chronic.
Urge to keep swallowing whenever you feel that the passageway is dry
Your voice can become husky with time in case of chronic pharyngitis
During the starting stage, the mucous membrane appears to be red and swollen. Later it turns out to be dusty in color. Enlarged mucous follicles start appearing with continued irritation. Flap may continue to be relaxed.
Discomfort due to constant dryness associated with the infected throat.

Effective Remedies

The first step in getting treated is to have a complete understanding regarding the causes of irritation. Alcohol consumption and caffeine intake should be stopped with immediate effect in you really intend to get away with chronic pharyngitis. If you have been using your voice for a prolonged duration periodically, then this has to be stopped completely

The process of galvanism can come handy. Gargling with salt water would give some relief. A combination of tannic acid and capsicum can be used as stimulant to relax the adjacent tissues. A mix of Hydrastis, potassium chlorate and water can be used as a sedative too to treat chronic pharyngitis. Hamamelis  can be taken for positive results.

You can opt for galvano-cautery to get rid of enlarged follicle problems. Boracic acid can also prove to be very powerful against chronic pharyngitis

Sanguinaria , collinsonia and third trituratio taken once in every 3-4 hours would prove to be productive. belladonna if consumed can relieve you from inflammation.

Guaiac is yet another effective remedy for this ailment. Gastric problems, wiped out blood and secretions should emphatically be reviewed to get rid of this disease in the long run.

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