Is Bronchitis Contagious

Bronchitis, a Breathing Disease

Bronchitis is the swelling in the passage of the windpipe, which in turn connect to the lungs. Bronchitis starts with the irritation in the bronchial tubes. Then, there is a formation of mucus. The mucus deposit blocks the air passage. This creates problem in breathing.

Type of Bronchitis

There are two types of Bronchitis:

1. Acute Bronchitis
2. Chronic Bronchitis

Acute Bronchitis occurs due to severe cold and stays for a shorter period of time. But Chronic Bronchitis usually is the pain in the chest. This is accompanied by cough and fever. There is a difficulty in breathing too in case of chronic bronchitis.

Effects of Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis lasts for a long time and mucus is released during cough. The patients find it difficult to breathe for a longer time. The level of difficulty may vary from person to person. They may fall sick due to lung infections too. The other names of this disease are ‘chronic obstructive lung disease’ and ‘chronic obstructive air passage disease’. The difficulty lies in respiration in the body of the patient. Let us analyze, is Bronchitis contagious or not?

Is Bronchitis contagious?

It is extremely true. It is contagious disease. The virus can transfer the disease when you sneeze or cough. In the initial stage, there is a swelling in the air passage. At this time, there is no formation of virus. When the bacteria released by the patients through sneeze and cough spreads through the air, the disease gets spread to others around. The infected person should consult a physician immediately and get medicines. Otherwise it leads to pneumonia too. Both the types of Bronchitis are contagious. The viral infection is powerful and it may affect the healthy people around through indirect and direct contacts.

How to Prevent Bronchitis?

By following healthy and hygienic daily routine, we can prevent the disease from spreading. Cleanliness is very important. As virus lies everywhere, wash your hands before meals and after using the toilets. Do not spread the infection in the air by sneezing and coughing. Use a hand towel, if you are having such a problem. Asthmatic patients develop acute Bronchitis. Taking antibiotics is the best solution to get relief from acute Bronchitis. Only such medicines can work well with viral infections. Take the advice of doctor for the consumption of medicines and follow the dosage and duration strictly. Other than taking medicines, take lot of fluids and bed rest is important for the patients. Antibiotics are is helpful in preventing further infections. Asthma patients can consult a doctor and get themselves medicated in such scenarios. They can take the medicines regularly and use the inhaler for fast relief. This will widen the passage of respiratory organs and affected person can feel more comfortable.

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FAQ. Bronchitis Info

How to treat bronchitis?

  • Adhere to the following tips and this would help you lots in treating bronchitis
  • Minimize your exposure to irritants. Quit smoking
  • A vaporizer can ease your breathing difficulty
  • Let your mouth and nose not be exposed to cool air around
  • Hot bath can relax you lots before sleeping
  • Take proper medication on time and avoid taking too much of cough syrup
  • Increase fluid intake and stop taking diary products sugar rich food and processed food items to alleviate the allergic reaction

Who discovered bronchitis?

The first case of broncitis was discovered in 1808. The term bronchitis was coined by Charles Badham in the year 1808. However, Greeks have been suing the term ‘excess phlegm’ to refer to this lung problem earlier.

How to prevent bronchitis?

Wash your hands and legs as often as you can especially when you roam around and come back home. Minimize your exposure to pollutants. Use a mask to cover your mouth and nose. Ensure that your immunity is high and get your vaccinations on time

How long does bronchitis last?

Bronchitis symptoms are generally visible for 1-2 weeks timeframe. However, the cough and sneezing can continue for a few weeks too. It is very contagious during the first one week.

What is chronic bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the lungs. This often causes constriction to the air passage in and out of the lungs. The cilia that is present adjoining the air passage secrete mucus and obstruct the passage of air thereby leading to suffocation. When this continues to be present for around a few months timeframe, then it is termed as chronic bronchitis. Smoking has been proven to be the main cause of chronic bronchitus.

What causes bronchitis

Bronchitis is caused by bacteria and viruses. Rhino virus, influenza and adenoviridae are a few that can cause bronchitis. However, chronic bronchitis is often caused due to the habit of smoking. Occupational exposure to pollutants has also been determined to be the cause of brochitis.

How do you get bronchitis?

Bronchitis is caused usually by bacterial or viral infections. However, it is contagious and can also be caused just by being in touch with the infected person. Second hand smoke can even result in accumulation of irritants in the air passage which in turn can result in broncitis