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  • Best cold medicine dry cough

    You may not need a multi-symptom cold and cough medication, if you simply have a bad cough, but no nasal congestion. In this case, you’ll only need a cough suppressant. Steam inhalation and nasal spray are the most effective treatments for colds. Having plenty of fluids is also very effective for colds and coughs.

  • Best childrens cough medicine

    Several branded formulations are available to treat coughs in children. These are Triaminic, Robitussin, Vick’s and Tylenol. However, homemade cough remedies for children are preferred by many parents. The most effective remedy is buckwheat honey.

  • Best ayurvedic medicine cough

    The bay berry (myrica nagi) is a good cure for coughs and throat congestions caused because of chronic bronchitis. The fruit of the belleric myroblan is good to treat coughs caused as a result of catarrh. Betel leaves, crushed and made into a paste with water and then put on the chest is another effective treatment. Another effective treatment for coughs related to sore throats is the use of fenugreek seeds.

  • Barking cough children

    The most common symptoms of barking cough or ‘croup’ are hoarse-sounding coughs and rasping sounds during inhaling. Young, 6 month to 3-year old children are often affected by this condition. Inflammation, swelling and irritation owing to excess mucous presence in the bronchial tubes and trachea cause barking cough. Although medicines can treat barking cough easily, quick medical attention will have to be sought by parents if their children experience persistent fever along with the barking cough.

  • Back of head hurts when i cough

    Make sure that you drink a lot of water and use cough syrup. This should benefit your condition.This may just be because of excessive coughing and the wearing of the muscles.

  • Baby cough symptoms

    You must monitor the symptoms properly. Make sure that you visit a doctor if the symptoms get severe.If your baby is showing cough symptoms you can facilitate him/her with cough syrup.

  • Baby chest congestion cough

    Make sure that you visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis if the symptoms last for long.If your baby has chest congestion and cough, you can facilitate him/her with cough syrup. This is usually the best remedy.

  • Ayurvedic remedies cough cold

    A warm glass of milk with raw honey is beneficial for this purpose. Ginger and honey are good for cough and cold.Make sure that you visit a doctor if the symptoms get worse.

  • Antitussive cough mixture

    An antitussive cough mixture is usually consumed when one is suffering from dry coughing! Since this would induce itching and irritation, the medicine is taken.It is a cough suppressant. If you have any other signs, it is important to talk to your doctor before taking it

  • Albuterol

    Albuterol is used to prevent sheezing, breathing difficulty and tightening of the chest. Albuterol is a bronchodilator. It relaxes muscles in the airways and helps increase air flow into the lungs.