What causes laryngitis

There are different reasons that can turn out to be the cause of this infection. GERD is mostly the main cause of laryngitis. It can also be caused by flu/cold. Other causes are irritation or allergies of the larynx and over use of voice

How to treat laryngitis

Treatment has to be initiated at home. Resting and taking lot of fluids would help. Soothing the larynx is important. For viral infection, OTC medications can alleviate symptoms. For emergency cases, intravenous medications and steroids can help

What is laryngitis

Laryngitis is the irritation or the inflammation visible in the larynx. This might be seen as voice hoarseness or loss of voice. It can be caused due to acid reflux, irritation, allergies, cold or flu and overuse of voice

How to cure laryngitis

Treatment begins with care at home. Having lot of fluids and taking rest are important. Antibiotics can help for bacterial laryngitis. Staying away from smoke and other irritants should help. Inhalers and humidifiers can also be used

How to get laryngitis

Acid reflux has been reported to be the main cause of this problem. However, cold and flu also can induce this infection. Allergies or irritation of the larynx or over use of the voice can put you into this trouble.

How do you treat laryngitis

Treatment of laryngitis is based on the type of infection. Resting and consumption of fluids can really soothe the problem. Get rid of smoke. Use humidifiers and inhalers when needed. Steroids and IV medications can help if its chronic and emergent

How to get rid of laryngitis quick

Home treatment can be effective. Have fluids in abundance. Ensure that you talk softly. Don’t take phones or speak out aloud. Don’t whisper. Stay away from allergens and smoke. Ensure that the air is properly humidified. Consult your doctor if signs persist