Does carpet cause asthma and allergies?–sauerhoff

Carpets can be a source of allergies as they can contain chemicals which many people can be allergic to and carpets can also harbour dust mites which are a major cause for asthma. If there are pets at home, then pet hair can get stuck to carpets which can again result in allergies and asthma.

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3 responses to “Does carpet cause asthma and allergies?–sauerhoff”

  1. Carpet can essentially increase the complications of asthma because it holds dust in the fibers. However, it won’t cause asthma on a healthy person. I like to keep bamboo plants in my house because they help absorb toxins and dust in the air.

  2. Please can Rug carpet cause bronchites, Fatty liver and weaken the immune system ?

  3. May be.But there is no scientific evidence regarding.It would be better to put the carpets in open rooms, or open the windows for more air circulations.

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