Bronchitis, Inflammation in the Air Passage of Lungs

Having understood what exactly is bronchitis, read further to know about the types, causes, remedies and treatment for bronchitis in detail.

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Types of Bronchitis

There are two major types of broncitis. They are acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.  Chronic bronchitis is otherwise known as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  Inflamed lungs or bronchus creates a lot of mucus.  This results in cough and difficulty in breathing. 

Some viruses cause cold and these are in turn responsible for acute bronchitis.  The initial symptoms found are sinus infection, sore throat and running nose.  They are capable of blocking the air passage of the lungs. They also cause lingering dry cough.  But it does not remain for a long time. But they have proven to be very short lived!

Signs and Symptoms for Chronic Bronchitis

Some of the very common signs include:
– Yellow colored mucus
– Discolored mucus while coughing
– Extended discolored mucus is indicative of chronic bronchitis

Signs and Symptoms for Acute Bronchitis

They are:
– Chest congestion
– Sinus problem
– Mild fever and chills
– Experiencing tightness and burning sensation in the chest
– Wheezing
– Breathing trouble
– Sore throat

Risks Involved

It is a contagious disease. How long bronchitis is contagious after taking antibiotics is the common query amongst many people.  While coughing, the germs can get transmitted from one person to another and thus the disease spreads.  Viruses cause acute bronchitis.  Air pollution, smoking, cold location and dumps are the main causes of acute bronchitis.  Smoking is the main reason for chronic bronchitis.  Breathing in dust and fumes for a long time causes chronic bronchitis. 

Treatment of Bronchitis

As the bronchitis is caused by viruses, antibiotics are not helpful in treating the disease. 
– Take plenty of rest
– Drink lot of fluids
– Take cough medicine whenever you need immediate relief.
– Allow the mucus to come out. This removes the irritants from lungs
– If the problem is due to bacterial infection, then take antibiotics.

Prevention is Better than Cure

– As smoking escalates the trouble in breathing, avoid smoking.
– Use a mask, when you travel in a polluted area.
– Flu vaccine helps prevent acute bronchitis
– Do not rub your eyes and dig your nose very often. This would spread the infection.
– The symptoms of chronic bronchitis can be controlled by medicines, but it cannot be cured completely.  In that situation antibiotics can be given by the doctor to avoid getting into any other infection.  You cannot take antibiotics for a long time without the advice of the doctor, so depending on your body condition and health, the doctor can help you in answering how long bronchitis is contagious after taking antibiotics. 

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  1. I had no idea that broncitis was contagious. I just learned something new today.

  2. Thanks for sharing that! Didn’t know that you can get bronchitis from rubbing your eyes or digging your nose!

  3. Thanks for the information that you have provided. I liked it. The links that you have provided is seems to be helpful to me. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Nice page, I imagine it will help a lot of bronchitis sufferers and their carers.

  5. Smoking plays a major role why people have chronic bronchitis. First hand smokers are highly at risk however, second hand smokers are all the more affected. Too much and prolonged exposure to smoke can lead to this type of bronchitis. Once infected by this disease, the change of lifestyle can abruptly take place in just a spur of a moment.

  6. Washing hands is so important to keep from passing on many germs, not only those that cause bronchitis but also swine flu and many other types of bacteria. I keep hand sanitizer with me at all times.

  7. I have acute bronchitis now, I am glad to have read this site. I received antibiotics yesterday and am still coughing and using Mucinex. I will not go spread the fountain of spray emerging from every cough. When coughing stops, are you still contagious?

  8. Not sure you’re actually right on the contagious thing (at least not according to my doctor). I had swine flu about 5 weeks ago. Yeah, that was contagious and I stayed away from people for a week, until the fever was away 48 hours, per CDC instructions. But I have asthma, so anything that irrates my airways can be a problem, and its now turned into bronchitis. Brochitis by defintion is an inflammation of the bronchi. Its not inherently contagious. What is contagious is whatever irritant you originally had that caused the inflammation. Bronchitis normally follows other illness and can last up to a month or more. So if you had a cold first, or the flu first, bacteria, virus, whatever, those can be very contagious. But residual inflammation causing coughing may not be. When you first have onset, stay away from others, or any time you have a fever. But I don’t think people should be shying away from anyone and everyone with bronchitis (or visa versa). If that’s the case, I’d never be able to associate with people again! (and it would mean my doc is lying to me, which I doubt) Know your body, be conservative, but don’t live paranoid of what you can get or give. PS: Chronic bronchitis and CPOD are not the same thing either. COPD is a class of pulmonary diseases to include chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and others. And chronic bronchitis is not at all contagious. Its just chronic inflammation of the brochi and it begins based on environmental stimuli far more than bacteria or viruses.

  9. there are a lot of things we can do to prevent any diciese and that would be to wash are hands on regular basis no matter what we do we really need t odo this one this constantly this will help everyone tremendously…

  10. I was looking for information about rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation, but this article is useful too!

  11. i have never had broncitis but have know people who have and they tell me your chest hurts pretty bad one thing i didnt know was that it is contagious that for the tip

  12. Cool,in that situation antibiotics can be given by the doctor to avoid getting into any other infection.

  13. i have had brochitis several times in the last 5 years. I have gone to the doctor and they don´t know the solution for my brochitis, i´´l try the book

  14. my mum gets bronchitis every year. it starts off as a cold, then a sinus infection, before evolving.

  15. Coughing is correct. Bronchitis is not contagious. The initial causes are things such as a cold or flu. As we all know colds and influenza are in fact contagious, but we also know that we don’t all get bronchitis from them. The person writing this entry is throwing around medical advice as if he/she were a doctor and they obviously aren’t. Whoever wrote this….you are actually required by law to inform your readers that you are not a doctor and they should take that into consideration. It’s illegal to impersonate a doctor, which is precisely what you are doing when you give out advice without a disclaimer. I suggest you make revisions in your statement. For future reference if you plan on expatiating on medical advice you should get your facts in a correct order.
    As for the readers, you probably shouldn’t rely on medical advice given over the internet and you definitely shouldn’t rely on it from someone who uses sentences such as: “But it does not remain for a long time. But they have proven to be very short lived.”
    That should have been your first clue.

  16. I went to the doctor and found out that I have Bronchitis and was sent home from urgent care on antibotics, however the medicine isn’t working.I still feel weak and still coughing.

  17. The person writing this entry is throwing around medical advice as if he/she were a doctor and they obviously aren’t. Whoever wrote this….you are actually required by law to inform your readers that you are not a doctor and they should take that into consideration.

  18. I was dx with Bronchitis, my physician did not tell me what type however, prescribed Levaquin for 10 days, Robutussi DM along with Benzonatate. I believe i got this from dust.It’s been 4 days, never had a fever still working, coughing, and not feeling any better. I did have a chest x-ray ( no pneumonia). How long will this coughing last? How can I get rid of the wheezing?

  19. other gaseous contents in blood are analyzed through several tests on blood sample from the patient from this.

  20. I just got back from my doctors office, where he informed me that I am very contagious with Bronchitis.Wonder who is impersonating the doctor.Maybe if your sick you should just talk to your doctor and not self diagnose on the Internet.

  21. Im still trying to get over this, its the 2nd month for me, usually lasts 3 months, with a lasting cough.

  22. I have bronchitus and it seems to be dragging out for a while now should i keep taking antibiotics

  23. The bronchitis disease makes me scare because my grandfather died of the disease. From my grandfather’s experience, I am more careful in maintaining health. Thank you for the information you give.

  24. I have a compromised immune system and bronchial pneumonia, bronchitis and bronchial asthma are a part of my life. AVOIDANCE, like a FLU SHOT helps. I forgot this year. Got all three and brought out the nebulizer for the asthma. Antiobiotics are usually taken to avoid possible bacterial infection (secondary) like the pneumonia strain. For me, it always seems to help. I wash and use a nail brush for under my nails many many many times a day, not paranoidly though. This site has been helpful. thank you.

  25. I just learned something new. I was diagnosed Friday with Bronchitis. Got two antibiotic shots and prescribed Prednizone. Feel better already. Was home for 3 days trying to self treat a cold that was indeed something worse. I am in a cold office daily and the gym is usually cold. Find it hard to breath sometimes. I am glad I didn’t go into work for 3 days knowing this was contagious. Thanks for the info.

  26. I have bronchitis now and on two antibiotics. My one ends today and the other is Saturday. I still have a nasty cough, my chest hurts, and my chest is tight. Should I make another appointment to get rechecked or wait until I’m completely done with both meds? I don’t want to rush anything, but bronchitis stinks!

  27. Yea I think some of you people on here are crazy and a bit rude. Whoever wrote this obviously had the intent of providing knowlegde, not diagnosing people. I also do believe bronchitis is contagious. I just got home from the ER and the doctor just told me that it is in fact contagious. Not only have I been sick with this for a month now but so have my boyfriend and our 19 month old daughter. I’m pretty sure that if it weren’t contagious that all three of us wouldn’t have been sick with the same exact symptoms for an entire month. Too bad some people have nothing better to do than critize others for trying to do some good and simply spread knowledge. Guess you don’t have anyone else to bicker to that will listen.

  28. Just got back from Dr. The virus that can irritate your lungs which then causes Bronchitis is contagious, but actual ‘Bronchitis’ is not. Bronchitis is just inflammation. The reason that your doctor probably did not explain that to you is the same reason you were searching for medical help on the internet. Just sayin’.

  29. Try a tsp or 2 of honey for the coughing, especially at night to help calm the cough, or mix in with hot tea. (google it) Works well for me! But dont give to a child under the age of one! (I am am not a dr!)

  30. I have acute Bronchitis. (10) days today. It started with cold symptoms: sore throat, burning eyes, headache, running nose, cough, throat pain and swollen gland in neck. I went to Dr. the 3rd day; I had pain in left side when i coughed or took deep breath. Taking antibiotic and prednisone pack, xray hasn’t been read by expert yet? OH, had low grade fever first day 100.2.
    Since this is holiday season, I was mostly concerned bout contagion. I wore mask to xmas day gathering because my sis has COPD. My grown kids have been with me and they are, (thank you Lord), still well, no cold.I did not take flu shot this year.

  31. I have caught this cold from my husband 4days ago. Went to bed last night had a very hard time breathing so decided to go to the doc this morning.He told me that is was a very bad case of Bronchites that I needed to start medication right away and puffer or would land my self in the hospital which would not be good. I went next door to the Pharmacie were I got the medication prescribed I was told to take with food, but decided to

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