Viral Bronchitis

Natural Cure for Viral Bronchitis

Most of the time bronchitis is caused due to viral infection.  Bacteria are also responsible for the disease and in very rare cases, fungal infection results in bronchitis.  Nowadays people switch on to natural remedies instead of gulping antibiotics.  Bronchitis is of various types such as acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.  They are otherwise known as short-term bronchitis and long-term broncitis. 

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Signs of Viral Bronchitis

If you suspect that you are having bronchitis, don’t delay. Visit your physician.  He can find out from the laboratory test whether you have bronchitis or not.  The result from the laboratory test would also reveal the right cause for this disease.   
Acute bronchitis has symptoms like headaches, breathlessness, chest pain, hacking cough and inconvenience around the eyes.  There are natural remedies to cure viral bronchitis.  The patient can take plenty of rest, consume good amount of fluid and utilize the facility offered by a humidifier.  Instead of humidifier, you can also hang wet towels and blankets inside the room of the affected person.   
It is not difficult to treat viral bronchitis in acute conditions too.  Sufficient care is required for permanent recovery.  If the condition is neglected, then the disease may turn into chronic bronchitis and create damage to your pulmonary system, which in turn would affect your daily routine.  Tackle and control the disease from an early stage. This would not only in quick recovery but the initial treatment can help you in avoiding too much of antibiotic intake.

Natural Treatment for Viral Bronchitis

Natural treatments are really helpful in providing relief for viral and other types of bronchitis.  But the treatment should be taken under the supervision of an experienced person.  The mixtures of usual and conventional medicines constitute the best treatment plan.  Here is a list of natural cure for the bronchitis in general. 
1.Smoking is the first enemy for bronchitis. So, if you are in the habit of smoking quit the habit. Don’t be in the vicinity of smokers too.
2.Take bath comfortably in hot water or stay in hot water bathtub for a stipulated period of time daily. This can reduce the inconvenience.
3.Take a vessel or pot filled with hot steaming water.  Cover your head with a thick blanket and try to inhale the hot steam.  Try to maintain distance from the hot water in order to avoid getting burnt by it.
4.To get good sleep, soak the towels in hot water and press it over the chest and back many times.  Dry yourself completely with clean towel and change the clothes and go to sleep.
5.As the polluted, stormy, smoky and dusty areas promote the attack of bronchitis try to avoid moving in such places.
Along with natural treatments, regular intake of vitamin supplements gives sufficient strength to fight against virus or bacteria.  The other alternative treatments are hydrotherapy, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

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