Who discovered asthma

Hippocrates, a Greek physician, first described the disease and named it ‘Asthma’. Later, Galen, a Greco-Roman doctor discovered the cause of asthma as bronchial obstruction.

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  1. I had no idea that this illness had been diagnosed so long ago (or perhpas ‘discovered’ is the proper term). My son suffered from asthma from an early age due to his premature birth, but seems to have largely grown out of it now that he is 23 years old. I wonder how common this is, where something that was such a problem at an early age largely disapperas?

  2. Maybe no one knows for sure but Asthma is as likely old as the human race, and the medication used to be delivered via smoke into the patients lungs, till the last decade of the nineteenth century. In the 1860s, animal dander was identified as one of the common triggers for asthma attacks.

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