Beat sinus infection without antibiotics

Sinus infection is a common ailment that can be treated with or without the use of antibiotics. As antibiotics are known to come with side effects, natural homemade herbal remedies are growing in popularity. These natural remedies are side effect-free and can be used to beat sinus infection without antibiotics. Some effective natural treatments to combat sinus infection include apple cider vinegar and grape fruit seed extract among several others.

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2 responses to “Beat sinus infection without antibiotics”

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide is not the answer to your problem.Remember our ear is very sensitive.Once there is ear wax you have to consult the doctor.Only the ENT doctor can remove the wax by flushing with warm water.

  2. Yes, hydrogen peroxide is for something else. You need a doctor for the’re the one who nows what to do. I’m really scared about internal things because they might get infected.

    Glennda Mirabete

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