What is sinusitis

Sinuses are the spaces between the bones in the face through which air passes and mucus drains into nose. A swelling of the same is called sinusitis. The swelling creates a blockage. It can be painful.

How to cure sinusitis

It is best to resort to using over the counter medications like a decongestant, anti allergic and oral corticosteroids. Chronic cases may require surgical treatment. For immediate relief it is best to place hot, moist towels on the face to reduce congestion.

How to treat sinusitis

A congested nose can be relived by inhaling the steam of eucalyptus oil put in boiling water. Over the counter medications should be taken after consultation with the doctor. In some chronic cases, it might be necessary to do a surgery.

How to treat sinusitis with supplements

Patients suffering from sinusitis can include supplements and herbs in their diet. Bromelain, enzyme derived from pineapples, Quercetin, a flavonoid and probiotics, hellp reduce the chance to develop allergies. Herbs can be used in consultation with a doctor to strengthen the body and treat disease.