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  • Blurry vision with sinus infection

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  • Best way clear sinus infection

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  • Best sinus flush

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  • Beat sinus infection without antibiotics

    A common ailment like sinus infection can be cured either by antibiotics or without them. Natural, herbal homemade remedies are increasing in popularity as antibiotics are usually accompanied by side effects. Natural remedies can beat sinus infection without antibiotics and are side effect-free. Grape fruit seed extract and apple cider vinegar are some of the many natural treatments used to fight sinus infection.

  • Bacterial tracheitis contagious

    An airway-obstructing, bacterial infection of the trachea is termed bacterial tracheitis which is not considered contagious. Staphylococcus is the most common cause of tracheitis which is usually preceded by recent upper respiratory viral infections. Tracheitis is potentially dangerous to young children, due to the small size of their tracheas which swell and get blocked easily. The most frequent and common sign of tracheitis is the rapid development of Stridor which is sometimes confused with croup.

  • Bacterial sinusitis emedicine

    The “Emedicine” website features detailed information on all infections associated with the ear, nose and throat, including bacterial sinusitis. For emergencies, the site also assists in the supply of medicines for bacterial sinusitis and other related illnesses. People most likely to have bacterial sinusitis will display symptoms that include thick nasal discharge, chronic daytime coughs, runny or stuffy noses, persistent, and pain or swelling around both eyes. Fever that goes higher than 100°F (39°C); pain around the cheekbones and upper teeth etc. are some of the other symptoms of bacterial sinusitis.

  • Bacterial sinusitis emed

    Detailed information on illnesses associated with ear, nose and throat infections, including bacterial sinusitis, is featured on the “Emedicine” website. In emergencies, the site also assists in the supply of medicines, specifically those connected with such illnesses. The condition whereby patients experience thick mucous discharge from blocked nasal passages, daytime coughs, or runny noses are possible symptoms of bacterial sinusitis. Fever in excess of 100°F (39°C); bad breath, even following brushing of teeth, and continuous pain or swelling around the eyes are some of the other symptoms.

  • Bacterial sinusitis contagious

    Bacterial sinusitis is not contagious. Sinus infection occurs when inflamed sinuses do not heal quickly. Alternatively, uncontrollable bacterial multiplication is the cause of bacterial sinus infection. Hence, this disease does not spread from one person to the other.

  • Bacterial sinusitis children

    When the nasal congestion related to the common cold and allergies doesn’t allow the sinuses to drain properly, bacteria gets trapped inside the sinuses. This results in bacterial sinusitis. The person suffering with bacterial sinusitis may have facial pain and swelling and also feel sicker. Fever may also be there.

  • Bacterial infection sinusitis

    Viral and bacterial sinusitis infections are alike. However, generally, bacterial infection symptoms are more severe and last longer. If the symptoms of bacterial sinus infection become chronic, it can last for 3 months. This is when you should consult a doctor. Other symptoms that may occur are blurred or double vision and temporary blindness.

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