Best medicine productive cough

Productive coughs are basically those that involve excess accumulation of mucus in the chest. As opposed to dry coughs, productive coughs can be cured with antibiotics and cough medicines, particularly decongestants. These forms of medication significantly reduce buildup of mucus and loosen it. In doing so, the patient gets quick relief as the mucus is easily expelled.

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  1. I think my wife is the case of productive cough. She always have a cough and does spit it always but she and i we both wonders how did she gets such cough on and on. Doc is saying some kind of allergy to dust and she is already on med but want to know if there is any better solution to this problem.

  2. I was coughing so badly that I was puking a lot too. (It was to the point that my friends were joking about me being bulimic.) No drugstore medicine helped at this point, so I went to the doctor. First of all, I was diagnosed with pneumonia! Secondly, I was given some codeine along with antibiotics. That was the only remedy that stopped me from puking up my insides. I started to feel better and cough less within a day…

  3. My mom used to let us drink some kind of herbal leaves. I mean it has a yucky taste but we have to drink it so the cough won’t hurt the lungs.

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