Why do we cough

We cough because of various reasons. Smoke, dirt, household cleaners etc that lays on the respiratory tract causes cough. In an attempt to get rid of the substances the body propels it upwards violently via cough.

How to stop a cough

You may prepare a cup of warm tea with a squirt of lemon and some honey. Take a warm bath; this will help hydrate your irritated throat passages. Make sure that you eat healthy and drink soups.

How to cure a cough

There are many things that can be done to cure a cough. Cough syrup is beneficial to help cure cough. Warm tea with lemon and honey is beneficial to help relieve the cough. Make sure that you drink warm water.

Why do people cough

Most of the times cough is due to irritant matter or excess mucous from external sources. Smoke, dirt, house hold cleaners etc are capable to cause cough. Coughing is an activity of the muscles to propel the foreign matters out of the body.