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  • Boxer dog kennel cough

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  • Bordetella pertussis

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  • Bordetella how to treat

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  • Best natural medicine for dry cough

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  • Best medicine productive cough

    Excess mucus accumulation in the chest is the primary cause of a productive cough. Productive coughs can be cured with antibiotics and cough medicines, particularly decongestants. Such medications lessen mucus buildup and loosen it. In this way, the patient is relieved quickly, as the mucus is easily expelled.

  • Best medicine congestion cough

    The best medicines for congestion cough are a combination of cough decongestant syrups and antibiotics. These effectively loosen excess phlegm in the chest. The loosening allows the sufferer to expel the phlegm and gain quick relief.

  • Best medicine cold cough india

    In a rapidly-developing country like India, coughs, colds and flu are a common occurrence, and more so, because of its’ 1-billion plus population. A major share of the pharmaceutical market in India is attributed to cold, cough and other flu formulations. The reason for this is because a significant number of these formulations do not require prescriptions and can be purchased over the counter. Nicholas Piramal’s ‘Phensedyl’ cough linctus and ‘Corex’ cough syrup of Pfizer lead the 10 top-selling pharmaceutical brands in India.

  • Best medicine chronic cough

    The cause of a cough is first determined before treating it. However, cough medicines containing guaifenesin or dextromethorphan may give some relief to patients. Taking cough lozenges, inhaling steam and drinking lots of water, can also relieve you in some way. In severe cases, codeine which is an effective cough suppressant is prescribed by the doctor.

  • Best medicine chesty cough

    Chesty coughs are, as the term signifies, coughs that occur in the chest region. The best medicines to treat chesty coughs are usually a combination of antibiotics and strong decongestant cough syrups. Such medication acts by loosening the excess buildup of mucus (phlegm/sputum) to reduce chest congestion. In doing so, the patient is able to cough or spit out mucus frequently and gain complete relief.

  • Best medicine chest cough

    The presence of an abnormally high level of mucus in the chest is attributed as the cause of a chest cough. Antibiotics along with cough medicine decongestants are the most effective medication to treat a chest cough. The medication thins the mucus that is excess in the chest very effectively. In this way, relief is quickly gained by the patient as the mucus is easily expelled.

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