How long is mononucleosis contagious

During the initial 1-2 weeks of getting infected with mono, mono is contagious. The infection can be spread for many months even after the symptoms have disappeared. The virus he virus lives in the saliva, and can also live for several hours outside the body.

Can monolaurin be taken for mononucleosis

Monolaurin is an immune component given to the babies via breast milk. It gives baby for immune support. It also can be taken for mononucleosis. It affects for the disease but not more than the other antibiotics. Rarely doctors prescribe to give the patient immune support. Even it is made for babies.

Why no chocolate when mononucleosis

A chocolate or any type of food can share the virus of mononucleosis. When the infected person eats the half of a chocolate and shares the other half with his friend then, the virus can be easily transmitted. So it is recommended to restrain sharing from an infected person.