Category: Sinusitis

  • Amoxicillin treat sinus infection

    Amoxicillin is beneficial for the treatment of sinus infection. It is exclusively used for the treatment of strep throat.Amoxicillin is an antibiotic.

  • Acute sinusitis children

    It is most often characterized by an upper respiratory tract infection. Acute sinusitis can be a major problem in children.You must take your child to a doctor to get into proper medication.

  • Acute sinusitis

    The most common symptoms of acute sinusitis are yellow or greenish(thick) discharge from the nose, pain, cough at night and tenderness. You must visit a doctor to get into poper medication.Most of the times an acute sinusitis is predictable as an upper respiratory tract infection.

  • Acute maxillary sinusitis

    This could involve the maxillary, sinuses, ethmoid and frontal sinuses. Acute maxillary sinusitus can be contagious and needs medical . Acute sinusitis is a bacterial infection.

  • Acute fungal sinusitis

    This occurs due to a rapid spread of the fungal infection.Fungal sinusitis can be problematic if not taken into consideration.You must ensure that you visit a doctor and get into medication.

  • Acute fulminant fungal sinusitis

    You will have to visit a doctor if the symptoms get severe. Make sure that you balance between exercise and a balance diet. Diabetics and immunocompromised people are mostly effected by acute fulminant fungal sinusitis.

  • Acute bacterial sinusitis

    Bacteria like pneumococcus, Hemophilus influenza, Moraxella, Streptococcus species, and Staphylococcus can cause acute bacterial sinusitis. It can also complicate tooth root infection.Acute bacterial sinusitis is responsible for complicating colds in both adults and children all over the world.

  • How to treat chronic sinusitis naturally

    Nasal irrigation is a must to chronic sinusitis. Nasal sprays reduce congestion and provides immediate relief. Having more of Vitamin C and zinc in the diet will help fight against the bacteria.

  • How to stop the sneezing of sinusitis

    Sphenoid sinusitis causes sneezing. Oral antibiotics help in its prevention. Inhaling steam and taking amoxicillin also provides relief.

  • Is there a home remedy for ear infection and sinusitis

    Put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in both the ears to reduce pain. Warm onion juice and olive oil also helps i reducing pain. Infections can be cured by putting mustard oil.