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  • Bacterial folliculitis contagious

    An infection of the hair follicles or the pockets from which the hair grows is called folliculitis. An infection occurs when fungi or bacteria enter the skin through the hair follicle and causes an irritation. This bacterial which causes folliculitis is contagious and can be transmitted from person to person. Do not use razors, towels or washcloths that an infected person has used.

  • Acute Tonsillitis

    Acute tonsillitis can either be bacterial or viral in origin and causes infection in tonsils. The details regarding the types of viruses or bacteria that cause acute tonsillitis is discussed in this article.

  • Chronic Cryptic Tonsillitis

    Chronic Cryptic Tonsillitis and its effects are discussed in this article. The root cause,   prevention and diagnosis of this disease are dealt in detail.

  • Symptoms of Tonsillitis

    The main common symptom of Tonsillitis constitutes sore throat. However, there are many other common symptoms that are often associated with tonsillitis. This article gives you an overview of symptoms, prevention and treatment in detail

  • Tonsillitis in Adults

    Tonsillitis in adults has been dealt in detail. The symptoms, complications and surgery details have been brought out in this article. Remedial measures have also been identified and listed here.

  • Tonsillitis Treatment

    Tonsillitis is the infection of the tonsils within the human body. Depending on whether it is acute, subacute or chronic, the treatment can commence. Yet another important factor that has to be considered is the root cause of the infection. This article articulates the different tonsillitis treatment options in vogue today.

  • Is Tonsillitis Contagious

    The Infection and Treatment of the Tonsils The inflammation of the tonsils is otherwise known as tonsillitis. This has three main types namely chronic, subacute and acute.  Chronic tonsillitis is mainly caused by the infection of bacteria.  Actinomyces is responsible for subacute tonsillitis and acute tonsillitis is due to bacterial or viral infection.    Common […]

  • Viral Tonsillitis

    Perceptiveness into Viral Tonsillitis Tonsillitis entails the infection or the inflammation of the tonsils in the human system. This infection can wither be caused by viruses or bacteria. Children are more prone to viral tonsillitis than adults. Though both the types of tonsillitis are similar to each other, they have subtle differences that distinguish both. […]