Tonsillitis is an infection or inflammation of the tonsils

Bacterial folliculitis contagious

An infection of the hair follicles or the pockets from which the hair grows is called folliculitis. An infection occurs when fungi or bacteria enter the skin through the hair follicle and causes an irritation. This bacterial which causes folliculitis is contagious and can be transmitted from person to person. Do not use razors, towels or washcloths that an infected person has used.


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Acute Tonsillitis

Acute tonsillitis can either be bacterial or viral in origin and causes infection in tonsils. The details regarding the types of viruses or bacteria that cause acute tonsillitis is discussed in this article.


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Chronic Cryptic Tonsillitis

Chronic Cryptic Tonsillitis and its effects are discussed in this article. The root cause,   prevention and diagnosis of this disease are dealt in detail.


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Symptoms of Tonsillitis

The main common symptom of Tonsillitis constitutes sore throat. However, there are many other common symptoms that are often associated with tonsillitis. This article gives you an overview of symptoms, prevention and treatment in detail


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Tonsillitis in Adults

Tonsillitis in adults has been dealt in detail. The symptoms, complications and surgery details have been brought out in this article. Remedial measures have also been identified and listed here.


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Tonsillitis Treatment

Tonsillitis is the infection of the tonsils within the human body. Depending on whether it is acute, subacute or chronic, the treatment can commence. Yet another important factor that has to be considered is the root cause of the infection. This article articulates the different tonsillitis treatment options in vogue today.


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Is Tonsillitis Contagious

The Infection and Treatment of the Tonsils

The inflammation of the tonsils is otherwise known as tonsillitis. This has three main types namely chronic, subacute and acute.  Chronic tonsillitis is mainly caused by the infection of bacteria.  Actinomyces is responsible for subacute tonsillitis and acute tonsillitis is due to bacterial or viral infection.   

Common Symptoms of Tonsillitis

Severe sore throat is the first sign for the disease.  The pain extends to ears in severe cases.  Difficulty in swallowing, bad breathe, headache, cough, fever and chills are the regular symptoms. Tonsils become red and enlarged in size. Often they get coated with yellow, grey or white substance partially or wholly and this is the main sign for the infection.  Tonsilliectomy is the treatment given to the patients and this entails the removal of tonsils from their throat. 

Main Function of Tonsils

Tonsils are the helpful cluster of tissues present behind and above the tongue on either sides of the throat.  The exact function of tonsils is to attack the incoming germs before causing infection to mouth, sinuses and throat.   This is possible because they hold cells, which are capable of fighting against infection and the presence of antibodies in tonsils are efficient in obstructing the harmful germs from spreading to other parts of the body.

If tonsils are removed, the other defense mechanisms within our body are helpful in producing antibodies to protect us from infections. 

Is Tonsillitis Contagious


The awareness of the people regarding tonsillitis is on the rise that they proactively ask their medical practitioners on whether “Is Tonsillitis contagious?  There is no doubt in that the disease is 100% contagious.  The nasal fluids and drops coming out of the mouth, while sneezing and coughing are infectious enough to spread the disease to other persons quickly. 

Treatment for Tonsillitis

The treatment will be given to the patients depending upon the type of tonsillitis.  Antibiotics can be prescribed, if the disease is caused by bacteria.  If the reason behind the tonsillitis is due to viruses, the body itself can fight off the infection.  Medicines can be given only to alleviate the signs of the disease.  Whatever may be reason, if the disease is diagnosed correctly, it can be cured a week’s time.  Swollen glands and tonsils will take more time to get back to heir normal size. 

Prevention is better than Cure

Now that you know very well that you can get tonsillitis from someone very easily, its imperative that you have to protect yourself in the following ways: 
- Wash your hands with water and soap frequently.
- Separate the cups, plates, towels of the infected person in your house.
- Avoid kissing the affected child, boyfriend or girlfriend
- In order to avoid the relapse of the infection, throw the toothbrush that you had been using after complete recovery. 

I hope this article has given sufficient information regarding tonsillitis its symptoms, information pertaining to ‘is tonsillitis contagious’ and its treatment. Do let us know your queries and feedback using the form displayed below.

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Viral Tonsillitis

Perceptiveness into Viral Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis entails the infection or the inflammation of the tonsils in the human system. This infection can wither be caused by viruses or bacteria. Children are more prone to viral tonsillitis than adults. Though both the types of tonsillitis are similar to each other, they have subtle differences that distinguish both.

Bacterial versus Viral Tonsillitis

The viral tonsillitis is transmittable just like the bacterial type. It can spread by coughing, sneezing and ejection of respiratory residues. Direct contact with the infected person is one of the most predominant ways of viral tonsillitis transmission.

The symptoms of viral tonsillitis are almost the same as that of the bacterial tonsillitis. However there are elusive differences between the two variants. This infection is usually associated with gravely swollen tonsils, fever, sore throat, fatigue, painful neck glands and enlarged liver/spleen. Medically, the pronounced difference between both the variants is the fact that the infection appears as congestion in case of viral tonsillitis whereas it appears as follicles, sepultures or pus around the tonsils in case of the bacterial variant.

If you get infected with viral tonsillitis it is like that one of the glands of the tonsils might appear larger than the other one. This infection entails the enlargement and swelling of both the glands and is rarely associated with the enlargement of the spleen or the liver.

However, the viral and bacterial tonsillitis patients are treated differently due to the fact that antibiotics are not effective against the viral tonsillitis. Usually, you are given a dose of antibiotics in case if you had contracted tonsillitis due to bacterial infection whereas pertinent medication is a must in case of tonsillitis that was caused due to the viral infection.

Herpes, Parainfluenza viruses, enteroviruses, Epstein bar virus, flu virus and adenovirus are a few of the major viruses that cause viral tonsillitis of which the Epstein bar virus and the adenovirus are the very common disease causing agents in case of tonsillitis.

Adenoviral infection is profound among small children and has testified to be the cause of around 10% of the infections found in the respiratory system in kids. Epstein bar virus is known to be the causative against of mononucleosis which is a common infection mostly found in adults.

The invention of the right and the effective drug that can help in fighting against this infection is still under clinical trials. Amidst this situation, the human body’s resistance and time play a major part in the cure of this type of tonsillitis.

If you have any queries pertaining to the infection of tonsils, you are free to get this clarified. Please make use of the feedback form here and let us know about your queries and wait to get them answered within a day!

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