Viral Tonsillitis

Perceptiveness into Viral Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis entails the infection or the inflammation of the tonsils in the human system. This infection can wither be caused by viruses or bacteria. Children are more prone to viral tonsillitis than adults. Though both the types of tonsillitis are similar to each other, they have subtle differences that distinguish both.

Bacterial versus Viral Tonsillitis

The viral tonsillitis is transmittable just like the bacterial type. It can spread by coughing, sneezing and ejection of respiratory residues. Direct contact with the infected person is one of the most predominant ways of viral tonsillitis transmission.

The symptoms of viral tonsillitis are almost the same as that of the bacterial tonsillitis. However there are elusive differences between the two variants. This infection is usually associated with gravely swollen tonsils, fever, sore throat, fatigue, painful neck glands and enlarged liver/spleen. Medically, the pronounced difference between both the variants is the fact that the infection appears as congestion in case of viral tonsillitis whereas it appears as follicles, sepultures or pus around the tonsils in case of the bacterial variant.

If you get infected with viral tonsillitis it is like that one of the glands of the tonsils might appear larger than the other one. This infection entails the enlargement and swelling of both the glands and is rarely associated with the enlargement of the spleen or the liver.

However, the viral and bacterial tonsillitis patients are treated differently due to the fact that antibiotics are not effective against the viral tonsillitis. Usually, you are given a dose of antibiotics in case if you had contracted tonsillitis due to bacterial infection whereas pertinent medication is a must in case of tonsillitis that was caused due to the viral infection.

Herpes, Parainfluenza viruses, enteroviruses, Epstein bar virus, flu virus and adenovirus are a few of the major viruses that cause viral tonsillitis of which the Epstein bar virus and the adenovirus are the very common disease causing agents in case of tonsillitis.

Adenoviral infection is profound among small children and has testified to be the cause of around 10% of the infections found in the respiratory system in kids. Epstein bar virus is known to be the causative against of mononucleosis which is a common infection mostly found in adults.

The invention of the right and the effective drug that can help in fighting against this infection is still under clinical trials. Amidst this situation, the human body’s resistance and time play a major part in the cure of this type of tonsillitis.

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