Is sinusitis the same as a sinus infection?

Sinusitis, an inflammation of sinuses is also called sinus infection. The infection can be bacterial and viral. The infection if not treated properly can turn to be fatal.

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3 responses to “Is sinusitis the same as a sinus infection?”

  1. I think they have some similarities — and both of them can lead to serious complications. I had sinusitis before but there are many meds today that can cure it. Thanks for posting the info here about sinusitis, but can you put some posts about bronchitis as well? Thanks!

  2. The disease can be bacterial and viral.
    The disease also if not treated correctly can twist to be deadly.

  3. Yes, I does sound like one. You prob need to get a script for some antibiotics, believe me, it won’t go away without them. I’ve been using the nasal sprays as well, temp. fix, I know.

    Zhid Boyle

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