What antibiotics treat laryngitis

Generally if it had been caused by viral infections, antibiotics would not be effective. But still, you can have Tylenol (advil), acetaminophen and ibuprofen to treat the pain and fever associated. Further you can contact your doctor for particular medications.

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4 responses to “What antibiotics treat laryngitis”

  1. Is it true that taking too much antibiotic makes the virus immune to this drug? My fiend told me so that now I’m afraid of taking this drug. It might be my paranoid feeling maybe, but it really bothers my mind.

  2. Well, Bernard, I think you will not take this drug that often right? I’m sure you’re just going to drink the antibiotic when your doctor advices you to do. I think this is also the reason why this article also suggests some other substances such as Tylenol (advil), acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

  3. Thats true, you wouldn’t be taking the drug very often so it probably wouldn’t have a chance for you to become immune to it. It’s definitely advisable to see your doctor for these types of infections. While tylenol and advil will help lesson the fever and pain, you still need something stronger to wipe out the actual virus.

  4. I really don’t like to take too many antibiotics because i feel that my body wont be strong enough to fight off what i need it to fight off. It will always rely on the antibiotic to cure it.

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