What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the result of the inflammation on the outer covering of the bronchial tube in the lungs.  The harmful pathogens are responsible for causing this disease.  The real cause of broncitis differs from person to person.  The symptoms for the disease are the almost the same among people who get affected by this disease. They include wheezing, persistent cough, breathlessness, fatigue, fever, chest pain and the like. The real cause of the bronchitis is usually detected via laboratory tests. Treatment is given based on the reports of the lab tests.

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Causes of Bronchitis

Virus and bacteria play an important role in causing the disease.  Rhino virus, influenza and adenoviridae viruses are the viral pathogens that cause this disease.  Viral pathogens that cause bronchitis do not stay in the human body for a long time.  It does not require any medication or treatment.  In such a case where bronchitis is caused by bacteria, mere antibiotics can solve the problem.  It is important that we understand what bronchitis is and when infected with this disease, one it is critical that the patient gets to know the type of bronchitis he is suffering from! 

Immediate Treatment is Inevitable

If bronchitis is neglected during the initial stages, then it may lead to chronic bronchitis.  Smokers can get the infected from the pathogens.  Tar is also responsible in forming inflammation.  The inner walls of the bronchi get damaged due to that and in the long run it certainly causes life-threatening diseases like cancer and pneumonia. 

Nature of Pathogens

Pathogens are contagious by nature.  The treatment has to be given after finding the type of pathogen that has actually caused the disease.  The treatment methodology would be the same for all people who get affected by the same type of pathogen.  Cleanliness and hygiene are helpful to get rid off pathogens

Methods to Control Pathogens

Some of the very simple methods that you can follow to stay away from pathogens are:

  • Wash your hands before meals and after using toilet.
  • Use clean kerchief when coughing and blowing your nose.
  • Avoid staying in polluted, stormy and dusty place for a long time.
  • Quit the habit of smoking.
  • Consuming alcohol is one way of comfortably allowing pathogens to enter in to your body.  So, quit the habit of drinking.

Over-the-counter Medicines are Dangerous

Unlike any other disease, over the counter medicines are not helpful in curing the disease.  Antihistamines are harmful in case of bronchitis.  They thicken the mucus and make it tough to get expelled out of the lungs.  Expectorant cough syrup gives sufficient relief to the patients.  Antihistamines should not be consumed along with the cough syrup. If the real cause is identified through laboratory test, undergo treatment as per the doctor’s advice accordingly. Do not self medicate.  If the symptoms persist for more than a month, then take the advice of the physician. 

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  1. thanks for that information. i never really knew what it was just knew something to do with smoking. but now i know there is more to it

    jen x

  2. Pets can pass the disease from one to another. But from pet to human, I am not sure and I need proofs or further references to substantiate and tell you that there is a possibility for that to happen. However, bronchitis is contagious since it is just bacterial or viral infection

  3. The incubation period is defined as the period from the onset of infection to the time when symptoms become visible. This is different for acute and chronic bronchitis. For acute bronchitis, it is around 2 weeks. For chronic bronchitis, this cannot be predicted since several factors prove to be the causes of this type of bronchitus.

  4. Bronchitis is the inflammation of the air passage of the lungs. Chronic bronchitis is the bronchi (air sacs in the air passage of the lungs) inflammation for an extened period of time. The approximate time duration can be 3 months or more.

  5. Acute bronchitis is the rubor caused in the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes.Either bacteria or virus usually prove to be the causative agents of this disease. Cough, sputum, wheezing, loss of breath are common symptoms through this the disease is manifested.


  7. A coworker coughs with his hands open at both ends and then states he is covering his mouth, he then goes into his office where he coughs from his toes up chocking up mucus and comments the germs do not come outside of his office. 2 weeks later I came down with bronchitis as stated by my doctor & given inhaler and antibiotics along with cough syrup. Confronting the coworker he exclaimed that his wife works with children and had it for 2 days and a week later he came down with bronchitis, did not go to the doctor for another week and then got all the meds. My question: How long is the incubation period, is it air born, and how stupid could someone actually be to not cover their mouth with a tissue to contain it and care about others.

    Reading further and stating to this coworker it takes 2 weeks to incubate he denies that it was him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish I didn’t care about spreading germs as so many dont’ care!

  8. Nowadays, antibiotics are not preferred for treating bronchitis. I n you case, just check with your medical practitioner. Most of the doctors say no to antibiotics for bronchitis these days.So, there is no real answer to your question in this case

  9. Bronchitis is transmitted by direct contact, sharing of food, smoking, sneezing, coughing and respiratory residues that are passed into the air. So be careful and stay away from infected people. If infected, stay isolated.

  10. i had know idea the bronchitis was contagious now that i know it is i will take precouisions so i dont get it because it sounds like it really hurts

  11. There are several important facts about bronchitis. One is it is highly contagious. The other is it entails the inflammation of the bronchioles within the human body.

  12. Difficulty or shortness of breath and anxiety may surface. If COPD exists, it might prove to be life threatening too. If smoking is continued under such scenarios, it might lead to pain insomnia and other potent disorders too

  13. Your doctor would be the best person. Before telling anything in this regard, we need to understand your pre medical conditions in detail. Only after that I can tell you more. Could you please tell us that so that we can give you tip in this regard?

  14. Bronovil is a natural treatment for bronchitis that is given for people with weakened immune system. Pelargonium plant is the main ingredient there. It is said to battle well against the virus and bacterial infection of the bronchi.

  15. Infection of lungs and the filling of mucus in the alveoli entail the contraction of pneumonia. It is mostly caused by bacterial infection. However even viruses can cause this. Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi which in turn leads to mucus formation and shortness in breath.

  16. Viral bronchitis cannot be cured with antibiotics while bacterial infections can be cured with antibiotics. However, doctors do not prescribe antibiotics for this disease nowadays. Over the counter medications to stop cough can get you out of bronchitis within 2 weeks. Stopping smoking is the main step in curing chronic bronchitis

  17. This post really made for an interesting read. Makes me wonder how many other people feel the same way.

  18. My son has asthma, Is this the same as bronchitis or similar or is one linked to the other? What can I do to protect him?

  19. Your doctor would be the best person. Before telling anything in this regard, we need to understand your pre medical conditions in detail. Only after that I can tell you more. Could you please tell us that so that we can give you tip in this regard>

  20. Your doctor would be the best person. Before telling anything in this regard, we need to understand your pre medical conditions in detail. Only after that I can tell you more. Could you please tell us that so that we can give you tip in this regard?

  21. The excess mucus that gets produced clogs the airways along with the swelling. This makes it difficult for air to get to the lungs so the patient is always short of breath and feels his chest tightening.

  22. My father suffered badly from bronchitis simply because, having contracted the condition, he stubbornly refused to do anything about having it treated until it has taken such a hold that he had no choice. Treated early, bronchitis is normally fairly simple to clear.

  23. do you have special treatment for young patients’ like children. It is painful to see their crying everyday. I hope I can do something to help them relieve their pain.

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